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The mutual fund industry governing body AMFI and SEBI has made it mandatory for all online investors to be KYC registered regardless of the size of investment one makes. Hence, at moneybase, we necessarily require our Investors to be KYC compliant. Only after completing the KYC process, we can activate the account.

Individual investors will have to produce his Proof of identity (Photo PAN card copy or PAN card copy and copy of the passport, driving license etc. ) and Proof of Address (any valid documents listed in section B of the KYC Application Form for Individuals). Non -Individual Investors will have to produce certain documents pertaining to its constitution/registration to fulfill the KYC process. A list of Mandatory Certified Documents to be submitted can be found in section C of the KYC application form for Non-Individual Investors.

Yes. In addition to the certified true copy of the passport, certified true copy of the overseas address and permanent address will also be required. If any of the documents (including attestations/ certifications) towards proof of identity or address is in a foreign language, they have to be translated to English for submission. The documents can be attested, by the Consulate office or overseas branches of scheduled commercial banks registered in India.

In case of any change in name/address/status/signature, you will need to update your details at the KYC centres. Along with the application form, you will need to quote your PAN and submit proof in case of change of residence. Within 10 days, the changes will reflect in our records as well.

Yes, as per the new requirement, In-person Verification has to be completed post January 1, 2012.