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Moneybase Nexus is an online investment platform created for the financial product distribution fraternity. Distributors who wish to focus on client acquisition, management, servicing can use Nexus as a platform for expanding business. With more than 50 management and decision-making reports, one can run the distribution business more professionally.

It aims to provide an efficient and ethical investment service to individuals and small businesses. Our platform will allow investors from all income brackets to invest their savings ethically and efficiently, by becoming an informed-investor.

While there are plenty of differentiating factors, the most important being the transparency our platform offers. Our Nexus Partners can easily track down to the folio/scheme level to understand the revenue generated by the Moneybase platform. Apart from its transparency, the platform promises the Highest Revenue Sharing opportunity to its Nexus Partners.

On the services front, we have options dedicated to cater to the specific requirements. We have a plethora of options to select from – Our Nexus Partners can choose to be a Retirement Specialist, NRI Specialist, Shari’ah Specialist, and/or a Specialist servicing focused groups like Doctors and Women Investors. The opportunities are enormous with Moneybase Nexus.

While you may be able to buy the funds/products physically, or through your broking platform for your clients, you may not be able to get the proper service and support in a cost-effective and efficient manner as Nexus offers. Also, the execution platform may not be as intuitive as Moneybase Nexus. (Sign-up and Try Moneybase Nexus for free)

More importantly, one may not be able to open an account anywhere else in the same seamless manner as one does through Moneybase platforms. With Moneybase’s advanced technology, one can open an account online within a few minutes, and get access to different asset classes and can start investing in domestic and global funds. We are also striving to make it a multi-asset class platform – meaning, you can distribute Corporate FDs, Insurances, and other products/services through Moneybase Nexus in the near future thereby expanding your product vertical and opening multiple revenue verticals for yourself.

Registration with Moneybase Nexus is free of cost – meaning, there is not on-boarding cost. We work on a transparent revenue sharing model which is first of its kind in the country. As our valued Partner, you will have absolute visibility to the revenue earned up to Folio-level. And you can start with 93% revenue share and earn up to 98.5% of the net revenue generated in Moneybase platform. Yes, that’s true. We are not exaggerating; you may please sign-up and check revenue sharing calculator.