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Retirement Specialist, Listen!


As a Retirement specialist, you can help design and implement benefit, savings, systematic withdrawals and pension schemes for your clients.

Why Retirement Planning is important?

If you have noticed, you will see the banks and financial institutions are offering loans to meet the education cost, marriage expenses, for buying a dream house; fund your dream vacation, for buying a bike or a car, et all... You name it, and you have a loan available from the bank for everything – EXCEPT FOR RETIREMENT!

Yes, nobody (individual or institution) will be ready to fund for one’s retirement life. We could say that, the most important goal of your client’s life has to be mandatorily self-funded. Of course, nowadays, banks offer an option called “Reverse Mortgaging” – but for your client to avail it, he/she should have a “debt-free” immovable property which can by hypothecated! But then, considering the Indian context, who would like to re-mortgage their ‘Dream House’ for the purpose of self-sustenance? The emotional value attached to this whole idea of “Dream House” is invaluable!

The lucky are those who get their pension in hand. Sadly, according to a 2017 OECD research report, only 12% of the workforce in India (roughly 58 million people) is covered under any one of the available pension plans/options. Yes, it’s true that the Indian Government provide for the underprivileged people by offering minimum pension for self-sustenance, but the vast majority of the population have to fend for themselves!

The Moral Obligation...

So, it becomes a moral obligation for us Retirement Specialists to provide guidance and support for this huge population. If not planned in advance, in the next 15-20 year’s time, they’re going to face the stark reality of having a ‘support-less’ retirement!

We at Moneybase have created a service offering specifically catering to those who look at Retirement as their primary goal. As a Retirement Specialist, you can help these individuals identify and select a combination of suitable products through the Moneybase platform, which will take care of their most Sacred Goal - Retirement!

Why build a career as a Retirement Specialist?

You as the Specialist, also earn decent revenue while contributing to a noble cause! Check out our Pricing and revenue sharing model.

By reaching out to a client base of just 100 people, you can build an AuM of Rs. 10 Crores1 and earn approximately Rs. 9.45 Lakhs p.a.2, as long as clients are with the platform!

1. Help build a corpus of just Rs. 10 Lakhs for an individual that will take care of meeting/maintaining his or her basic monthly lifestyle expenses.
2. Net of GST and Moneybase’ revenue share. This is the figure you get in your hand (The average revenue received on Equity-oriented Retirement solutions comes at 1.2% p.a.).

Listen to what experts in the field has to say

Video by Mr. Ajit Menon, CEO, PGIM India Mutual Fund.