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100% Transparent pricing model

We are here to disrupt and give the pricing control in the hands of our valued Partners and help them achieve their goals. We created a Revenue monitor, which gives absolute clarity on the revenue earned for the business - upto folio and scheme-level.

Earn extra on each 1 Crore of AuM built! *Know more...

Why an open payment structure?

We are in the business for more than 10 years and we know how difficult it is to acquire and manage a client on a tight budget. With revenue shrinking every passing year, it becomes challenging to sustain in the business.

So, the future of this business is in scaling up and at the same time, incur less cost in servicing, while maintaining a healthy margin. We believe in an open business model and we want to be the most transparent business in this field. As such, we are certain that the pricing model / structure that we now offer, will be a trend-setter in this era of transformation and will revolutionise the way business is done.

So that's it! You get the best revenue structure offered by the AMCs for that quarter and No - You DON’T need to spend your time and energy to bargain for it! Focus on your Core Potential and grow your Client base & AuM. We will take care of the rest of the chores!