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Succession Planning

No, we are not talking about just nomination here. We mean real Succession Planning!

When we started this profession, one thing we understood was that in whatsoever way you try to fix the business continuity, ultimately you are staring at a road-block! Nomination is just a comfort which these product manufactures promise! But real-life experiences taught us that in order to protect continuous income to our nominee (in case of an eventuality), it is better to do a proper succession planning.

How can we help you here?

1. Outright Sale:  
A major issue which today’s distributor face is that of identifying a person from the family who will be interested in continuing the business which the distributor has built over these years. If you think that in order to protect the client’s interest and make some retirement corpus for oneself, selling the business is the only solution, then go for it. We will help identify a suitable buyer from the fraternity itself and you can help in transferring the client relationship to the new person within the Moneybase platform.

2. Revenue Sharing:  
If selling is the not the option you favour and you still wish to have the ‘skin in the game’, then opt for the revenue sharing model. We will jointly identify a person to whom you can assign the client relationships on the basis of a revenue sharing agreement and enjoy the long sabbatical while getting a royalty from your business.

3. A Living Pledge:  
Here is an open offer. Sign up with us as a Nexus Partner now and execute a Living Pledge. In case of an eventuality (Death or Disablement), we will help your nominee in identifying a professional from the fraternity or we will recruit one on behalf of the nominee for managing your clients and will help migrate them to the platform. The cost (revenue sharing or salary - as the case may be), you can pre-define in the pledge and we will make sure that it is executed as per your wish. That’s a promise!