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NRI clients product specialist.


From buying a dream home to having the latest car, planning to send their children to the best boarding school and wanting for a peaceful retirement life in the hill-side cottage and occasionally traveling to a foreign destination to spend vacation along with the family – they all dream BIG! But the annual trip to their native place and unplanned expenses at the family or sometime a slight ‘show-off’ - the surplus funds finds its way to high fi spending!

This is one client group which needs constant hand-holding. Their emotional decision making need to be tamed and a financial goal setting is the primary thing they should be having.

Being a NRI client specialist, you can help them achieve all their goals and educate them on the local tax rules and convincingly create a budget for them to follow, thereby helping them become financially independent.

Further, help them get a Life Insurance and Health Insurance and detail them the importance of having a proper risk plan. This not only helps them mitigate the financial risk but also help them preserve their hard-earned money from being used to pay for the medical bills.

By becoming a NRI specialist, you can also help them have a proper asset allocation – meaning reducing the over exposure to real estate and bring some liquidity which will help build financial stability for them even if they are forced out of their jobs.